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I haven't had the time to post this article, as this happened a good while ago, because, well, the PC I was using to make both Rossies 2 and Keno the cat has broken down...

Luckily, I have backed up both games in their entirety on a memory stick! So not all hope is lost, just some of it! Once, or rather if, my PC gets fixed, I can simply pick up where I left off.

This post is to inform anyone who cares that, for the time being, all Gamerstorm games are not in development.

I hope the PC will get fixed soon, otherwise, I might have to delay the games release dates, because when it comes to indie development, it seems that every second of development counts, because you're doing it all yourself.

So I'll post an update once the PC does get fixed, there won't be anything else to post until then anyway, so it's guaranteed the next post will be that, and hopefully, that will come pretty soon...

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 758 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 18 June 2012 | Comments (0)

Just a quick update telling you what's happening with us, we've decided to change our schedule just a little bit.

Well, not really a schedule, but you know, basically, we're going to start working on two games, but not at once, what we mean is, we'll work on Keno the Cat, but if we ever lose the motivation to continue, we'll work on Rossies 2, yes, that's right, Rossies 2 is back in development!

This time, we can actually fulfil those promises we made, with 3D cutscenes and such now that I have the knowledge on how to model 3D models.

I just thought we'd tell you this, for now, Keno the Cat is not in development, but once we lose interest in making Rossies 2, we'll go back to Keno the cat, and once we lose interest in that, we'll go back to Rossies 2, understand now?

Since we've lost the original code for the game, it was messy and unreadable anyway, we'll start from the ground up, and improve on it as I am more experienced in coding.

Also, we might as well tell youse this now, but the Rossies series will now have a main protagonist! We're not giving anything away about him (or her?) just yet...

So hopefully, this will turn out to be a good decision, or better yet, we hope someone actually reads this...

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 672 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 05 June 2012 | Comments (0)

I'm back with an update with my game, to tell youse how I'm doing.

I've now created a working and somewhat robust game engine, I've done running, jumping and the level scrolling, which is a lot harder than you think to do that, I won't explain because chances are you'd have no idea what I'm talking about, but I have the whole platforming thing covered, and I'm close to completing crouching. After that, I'm moving on to the combat.

I've also made a new page on the website, I've added a characters page, head over to the website to check it out.

That's all I've been doing, but the former of the two is very time consuming, so I couldn't do much else, oh well, see youse in the next blog...

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 864 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 17 May 2012 | Comments (0)

Hello, this is my first Development blog!

Every Monday/Tuesday, I will be summarising my progress with the upcoming Keno the Cat game, everything, from any last remaing concept arts/ideas, to the finishing touches, release and advertising. It will be a long and exiting journey, at least for me, that will probably last the entire year, so buckle up, and read some boring stuff about my game.

Recently, I've started working on the 3D models using Blender, which is a free open source 3D modeling program, and in the space of only 2 days, surprisingly, I've completed the model itself and texturing, well, for the most part, and now I'll be moving on to the rigging. (animation)

...That's relly all I've been doing inn terms of the game development, well this turned out be a short Blog, but hey, better than nothing, right?

Alright, I'll give youse a preview of the model, here you go:

Okay, that's all I have, see youse next week, where hopefully, I'll have more to say.

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 648 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 21 February 2012 | Comments (0)

A post on the Gamerstorm website that's not about a new Keno the Cat comic page!? That's unheard of!

My original plan for my new Keno the Cat project is to do a mini comic series before I start development on the game itself, sure, this might've been a stupid idea, as the comic were only a side project to help "Hype" up the game and wasn't necessary, but I thought since it was a mini series, it would do me a couple of months at the very most.

However, as we've discovered, it's taken me far longer than that, almost a year! So I've decided to just start develop on the game, and do the comics after, because the game itself is more important, right?

I won't leave the site deserted to collect dust, no, if you've been reading my Retro Blog (and if you've never heard of it; Here's a link.) you would know that every Sunday, I write a feature that's about my retro gaming activity that week.

Well, I'm thinking of doing something similar here but on a different week, probably a Monday, as I'm off then, that will be about my games development activity, not sure what to call it, but that's not important, at least with this, I can make sure to progress in some form or another in development so I can have something to write about.

I will be releasing one more comic page before this plan goes into action, and that comic is nearly done, and should be uploaded sometime this week, the rest of the comic will be finished after the game itself, to make up for thus, I will be doing a 3rd issue when the game is finished, which will be the beginning of the game's first scene.

Hopefully by doing this, I will be able to finish this game by the end of this year. (Touchwood.)

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 740 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 30 January 2012 | Comments (0)

Have youse noticed that we haven't been active lately, as in, one update every 1.5 months, well, you should get used to this, it's not that I've lost faith on Gamerstorm, it's just rarely does something even remotely-exiting happens with us.

Alot does go on behind the scenes, I'm working on the next issue of Keno Chronicles, I'm working on the 3D models for the game, and I'm working on the story too, and for the site, I've been learning more HTML, some CSS and Javascript to improve the site, but lets be honest, posting updates about those won;t be very exiting, therefore putting visitors off the site, and if you ask me, I'd rather have something good happen rarely (a Klonoa game getting released.) as opposed to something boring happen all of the time (a new FIFA game getting released.)

So I just though I'd lets youse know that we haven't been doing nothing, we're actually very busy, it's just that nothing of interest or anything worth of posting happens

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 646 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 22 October 2011 | Comments (0)

Well, my birthday has passed and unlike anything else I've been remotely exited about, I've actually moved into my sisters room. It shouldn't be long until I get my work-desk, and the moment that's installed, and I have everything put on and plugged in, I'll get back to work, I promise!

But why just lounge about until then? If I want this project of mine to come out any time soon, I have to work on it in any form I can, so I've started working on the story again, and I've been alot more productive than ever on it!

If you guys are lucky, I might even give you a preview of the story, no guarantees though, I don't want to spoil TOO much of the story.

That's all I wanted to say, really, and by the way, since I totally forgot, I like to give a shout out to a friend who's birthday it was today, I'm not naming names, but you know who you are, Happy Birthday!

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 835 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 16 August 2011 | Comments (0)

Yeah, it's my "yearly" hiatus, but this time, it's not because I'm being a lazy rascal, it's actually for a genuine reason.

You see, on top of my upcoming birthday, I'm actually moving room in my house, my big sister is moving out of the house, which means I get her room, which is at least twice the size of my current room, as well as that, I'm getting proper work desk, as opposed to the old bed that I've got now, which I think will give more of a working atmosphere which should put me in a better mood to work on my stuff, here's hoping.

It's because right now, I'm never in the mood to work on my stuff, which explains why stuff from me take so long to come out, my Keno the Cat Chronicles comic for example was supposed to be on a weekly schedule, however, I've never been in the mood to work on it, the 4th (and last) page of issue 1 is in progress, but not very much, or very fast.

Anyway, enough about my room, and my life, you guys probably don't care about that, I just wanted to tell youse that I'm on a hiatus to work on moving room and birthday plans.

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 641 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 26 July 2011 | Comments (0)

That's right, Gamerstorm now does RSS feeds! Just so you don't have to waste the hassle of going to the site!

With that said, you're probably thinking "What's the point in coming here then?", well, the RSS feeds will only put the articles in a nutshell, abridge them, the website will have all the details.

"Well what's the point in the RSS then?" I hear you ask, well, in case you can't be a*sed visiting the website, just check the RSS feed in your bookmarks for news.

So yeah, basically, there's an RSS feed for us now, there's not much to say, except perhaps it actually gives a purpose to the old Gamerstorm blog, which hasn't had an update in 2 years.

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 738 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 26 July 2011 | Comments (0)

Good news everyone! The download server used for updates and stuff is back up, youm can play Rossies 2 again! Not that you'd want to, but the option's there.

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 665 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 21 June 2011 | Comments (0)

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