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That's Right! The Infamous Rossies game will FINALLY get a sequal!
now Rossies 2 will have 2 differant versions, PC CD/Downloadable and Scratch. Both version have differant subtitles, the Scratch version will be called "Rossies 2: Sean Of The Ned", and the PC CD/Downloadble Version will be called "Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back", Why? Well, because while essentially, they'll be the same game, one version will be far more complex than the other. 
  • The PC CD/Downloadable Version, Which will be coded using C#, will have a story mode with cutscenes and stuff and a "Free Mode" with 2 additonal modes "Timed" and "Survival", Timed is basicly Shooting as many neds as you an within the time limit, Survival is Shooting as many neds before dying, and it will get harder as you go along, and if you're lucky, both modes wil have an online leaderboard, that has yet to be confirmed though.
  • The Scratch Version However, Using, What else, Scratch Language I guess you could call it, will only be the Survival Free Mode, as even the alpha for the game I'm working on right now has a pretty slow framerate and the file size is rising pretty quickly.
Here're Some Screenshots:
Looks the same? Well, just to let you know, I actually built a new engine out of scratch (get it?) and this is it in alpha stage you're seeing, and you look closely, you can see a couple of differances, for one, you can see the guy in the background, that guy occasionally give you items, such as new weapons and med-kits, however you can accendently shoot him, and if once all his health is gone, you're on your own, another differance is that the 2 kruncanites in screenshot 1 are both throwing a brick at the same time, I've now copied the bricks a few times, where as in the origonal, it was just the one.
That's all the info I have for now, More comign soon...
As for Rossies 1, well, our good friends over at Assasin Studios are making a Jedward mod for the Game, and from what I've seen so far, it's looking alright, it kinda adds something fresh to the game, and plus, it kinda shows how popular the game is.
Be sure to visit the official Rossies website:

Also, I'm not too sure about this, but I MIGHT make a medevil style RPG named "Fantasis" (Best Name Ever (!)) and it will be made using RPG Maker 2003. I'm not usually into those-kinda RPG, I'm more a Pokemon and Shenmue kinda guy, But since the option was there, I thought, What the hell. So yeah, hopefully more info and that soon as well.
Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2
Category: Other Series | Views: 530 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 05 April 2010 | Comments (0)

Here It Is... Sort of... The Kruncrarian Translator!
Ok, I decided since 1. I wasn't doing anything with it, and 2. Other companies release their BETA translators anyway, so It's not too much of a surprise, right?... Right?...
Anyway, Here's the Translator, be sure to read the project notes, I can't be bothered re-typing it here:
Learn more about this project
Also, I FINALLY finished the intro, and although it wasn't the best, they still thought it was nicely done, so that turned out well... I guess...
Unfortunetly, I can only show you the flash version (Which has no sound effects) Because for whatever reason, Hypercam, Camstudio or any of those work on my laptop, Not to worry, I have ways of getting around that problem, but I'm still asking, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO FIX THIS!?
...And here it is:
Learn more about this project
Category: Other Series | Views: 448 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 05 April 2010 | Comments (0)

Here we are, I've finally ended my continuos updating to this game, I think it needs a rest
So anyway, here it is:
Scratch Project
...and yes, again with using the darn image, don't blame me, blame scratch, they're applet thing doesn't work, but I'm sure they'll fix that bug... soon...

Lemme guess, you all want an actual sequal, right? WELL... ok, once I get my new game making software for my birthday (a working Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, Actualy paid for instead of torrent downloaded, and yes, I'm aware that it's £250!) I'll start off with Rossies 2, It will include more than 1 level this time (yay...?) and a "free mode" which allows you to just keep on shooting cruncanites untill you die, the point in this is, It'll have a scoreboard system, that was what gave me the idea, all the cool features in this upgrade and previous ones will be included, with over 50 Quotes this time (this version of Rossies 1 has EXACTLY 50), why am I so sure? because I just thought up more quotes to add just as I published this one, so I decided to forget it and add them to Rossies 2 once I get to making that (that is IF I remember them, but I have a pretty good memory though, so I don't think I'll forget them), Rossies 2 will also include Rossie files as cutscenes. That's all I have planned for it actually, but y'now it's still in pre-production, so I have plenety of time to think of more stuff.
Untill then...
Category: Other Series | Views: 488 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 27 January 2010 | Comments (0)

Good News! The Rossies game didn't go corrupt or deleted, so, the game shall be confirmed, Rossies Version 2.5 will Include:
  • Over 25 Cuncrarian Quotes
  • A Life Bar
  • A Slightley Cooler "Cruncanite Count" Counter
  • A "Fixed" Story
  • An Ending
  • A Better Background
  • A Life Bar For Emporer Yunki
So, yeah, that's awesome, My haitus is over, incase if it wern't obvious!
Category: Other Series | Views: 465 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 07 January 2010 | Comments (0)

Because, I FINALLY Managed to compressed enough to put onto scratch (just barely, it's EXACTLY 10mb)
So here we are, Rossies v2.5 Where It Should've BEen In The First Place:
Learn more about this project
Enjoy The Ultimate Upgrade To a Clasic Game! (Sorry, Just a Little Exited!)
Category: Other Series | Views: 583 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 03 August 2009 | Comments (0)

Hooray! Cobra! is making an ICW game! =D Can't wait!

And thanks to inspiration from Cobra!, I'm now working on my own game scratch game! CRANE FLY SHOOT 'EM UP!
Its going to be simple, but pretty tedious (you must dodge green flies, and seriously, they will PISS...YOU...OFF!)
More info soon! Release date: Saturday 25th July!

Category: Other Series | Views: 485 | Added by: jsmall94 | Date: 19 July 2009 | Comments (1)

It's Finally Here.... In a Download Form, Ok, Let me explain, I don't care what you have to say, just read, now, you know that scratch's limit is 10mb, right? well the game ended up being 87mb! (I know, I can't belive it ither)

So I had to put the file on Mediafire for download, here's the link to the file:

Warning: You Need To Download Scratch First To Play It!
To Download Scratch, Click Here:

Sorry about this, but I didn't have any other choice, but look on the bright side, you can feel free to muck it up, and modify it to make you're own galery shooter, just make sure to give me credit, ok? (What? I DID make it all from Scratch (lol, I guess...) But seriously, though, I spent months on the game, and all I ask in favor is a little bit of credit if you make a remixed version)
Here's The Trailer/Commercial/Whatever For It's Realease:

Dailymotion Version:
Coming Soon...

Revver Version:
Coming Soon...
Category: Other Series | Views: 468 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 15 June 2009 | Comments (0)

Coming June 14th, Only On Scratch:
Edit: Woah, I Created a HD Video By Accident, Could This Be The Dawn Of Gamerstorm HD?...

Dailymotion Version:

Revver Version:
Coming Soon...

The Song is a thrash metal cover for the AVGN theme by Leo Biollo, The Song Is Copyright Him, AVGN is owned by Screwattack/Cinemassacre

AVGN Cover Song:

Category: Other Series | Views: 428 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 11 June 2009 | Comments (0)

Phew, I spent hours on the game, it was alot of hastle, but in the end it's worth it, the game works perfectly with the exception of a few glitches, which can be easily fixed

Changes to the new version:
Video Intro For Gamerstorm (Don't Worry, It's Skipable)
"Spam" Glitch Removed, as in, the glitch where you keep holding down space and youre score keeps going up in a matter of nano-seconds, well, that's fixed now, but hopefully, most of the chatoic and fast gameplay is still there.
An actual ending (using the same text dialog thing as the prologe (spelling) did)
9 Tracks, 4 Being Differant Version Of The Doom Theme, and the other 5 are Different songs that fit in with the action (Hopefully) 1 of which is, you could say, a 'Secret" Song, Which Doesn't Play As Often As The Others.

So, Yeah, At Least For Me, This Is Great News!


Category: Other Series | Views: 391 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 04 June 2009 | Comments (0)

Just a Quick Update To tell you, that due to popular rossi (Rossies I have contact with anyway) demand, Rossies v3 will no longer be censored.


Category: Other Series | Views: 420 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 03 June 2009 | Comments (0)

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