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Main » 2010 » May » 31 » Gamerstorm games on Xbox Live Arcade? And New Affiliates
Gamerstorm games on Xbox Live Arcade? And New Affiliates
5:37:26 PM
I've downloaded a visual C# add-on by microsoft called "XNA Game Studio" (3.1) Which allows me to create proper Windows and Xbox 360 games, and I'm taking a tutorial as I type this, and it's pretty exiting, now I'm able to make proper 2D and 3D games.
Although it's almost as hard as waiting for a PS3 game to load without losing your patience, I'm willing to do it, this isn't some games-made-easy program, no, this is more-a-less the real deal! I'm able to make real games, I just need to know how! I can't wait to get started, this is almost my dream come true, only thing left, is a console. Well, I hear there is going to be a build your own PC course at Metropolitan...

Anyway, back on topic, my good friend CARBUNCLES!!! (Yeah, his internet name is spelt like that) has offered to do the graphics for me, if he can get into a course, I will try and get a part-time prospectus for this year for him, there's already a full-time one, so I'm sure a part-time version isn't far behind...

This can also be helpful, becuase it means I learn how to work as a team, sure, now I won't get all the money I earn, but since CARBUNCLES!!! would've worked hard doing the graphics, it's only right to give him some, We'll probably talk about it when I return to school from my Exam-leave.... (I've noticed I seam to have a habit of ending every sentence with the 3 dots, as if they've to be continued.)

Wait, but who said I'll be getting any money? Y'now, you've got a good point! At first, all my games will probably be free, but as time goes on, I'll probably charge for them (However, I MIGHT (keyword, "MIGHT") make a "Friend of Cobra!'s" Discount of 99.9%, (lol... ?)) Well, I might be sounding like another Kaz Harai here, and I apologise if I do, I don't make the games for the money, I make them it because I enjoy it, whether or not they actually turn out decent.
So in conclusion: Expect better graphics, better sound, better gameplay, more content and over all more action in my future games.

I will however finish off any Scratch games I'm currently Working on, then I'll probably cease making games for it... 

Oh, and one more thing! I'd like to give a shout out to our good friends over at Digimantis. The website was created by a friend of mine, Wrath Oskvro (the link is to his personal site, yeah, he's got two) who I've met at the RadioSEGA IRC chatroom during an episode of SegaAges. They've recently made a rather intresting article about reviving old consoles, I'm in total agreement with their opinions. Well, I hope he makes more articles like that. (No pressure, by the way, lol) Well, I defenetly reccomend you check out his site, it's certainly more organised than mine, and you could say it has better text-based content.
Wow, longest article in a long time!
Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 898 | Added by: Cobra | Rating: 3.0/1
Total comments: 2
1 WrathOskvro   [Entry]
After taking forever to register, I just wanted to say thanks for the shoutout to me and my sites smile You have quite a good site as well! I'll give you a shoutout back on my personal site. I can't really do it on Digi because we try not to post a bunch of updates if there aren't really any updates, since we're focused on interesting reading tongue But yeah

2 Cobra   [Entry]
Well, I thought there wasn't much use regestering, because apart from commenting on my articles, there isn't anything to do, so I don't focus much on it, so sorry for all the hastle you had to go through sad , I'll try and fix it as soon as I can.

Anyway, your welcome, and thanks! biggrin

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