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Main » 2010 » April » 21 » Happy birthday ICW! I guess...
Happy birthday ICW! I guess...
7:48:34 PM
Well, it's been 2 years since That Guy With The Glasses Opened up his website and since He11sing920 opened up his youtube channel, didn't think they'd make it thay far? I knew they would, because they're MUCH more popular than my series: ICW, which today is it's 3rd birthday. Incase you didn't know, like my Offical Rossies game, when it first came out, to some extent it was popular, it was something new(ish), and entertaining. Unfortunetly, like the Rossies games series, the whole Novelty wore off after a year, and no one gave a damn anymore, almost as if it was a mini-fad.
This year, it's been VERY thin on the ground. As of yet, I've never made anything ICW related, infact, come to think of it, apart from the Kruncrarian Translator, I havn't made ANYTHING Gamerstorm related. I have a felling that ICW isn't gonna last much longer, no one ever talks about it like they used to, the small fanbase it actually once had is gone, they've moved on, and maybe, I should too.
However, I will finish off all the ICW projects I'm working on, after that, I might consider ending it, I'm basicly beating a dead horse with a stick here guys, at this point no one's gonna miss it, or remember it. This isn't the usual short-burst-of-extreme-depression-which-convinces-me-to-close-the-site (or SBOEDWCMTCTS For short) kinda moment, this is the real thing.
So, last projects coming out shall be:
  • ICW Live Action 4 [Movie] - I don't have much info as of yet, and anything that I do have, I'm gonna keep secret, I want it to be a surprise, However, this may not be released, if it isn't I'll tell you, and if it is, you'd find out anyway...
  • ICW - Season 2: Request 2 - Wii vs. NES [Movie] - This was Requested By anderson9132, He describes it as "Old vs. New", it was origonally set to be released today to celibrate ICW's 3rd Birthday, Unfortunetly, I have to delay it for quite a bit, because I accedently forgot to save due to an ingenious design by Microsoft where in Windows Vista, you can only install a file by restarting your computer, I was restarting my computer to install a game (if you want details, Hard Time by MDickie), and I forgot to save it, so all the hard work I put into it today (which is alot) is gone...
  • ICW: Polygonomania [Game] - Basicly, an Extended version of the fighing section of "ICW: The RPG", because all the feedback for the game that I got say that the fighing was the best part, so I decided to extend it, add more characters, more moves, more arenas, etc. Should be out by the end of the year.
  • The best of ICW [DVD] - I've decided since this might be the end of ICW and that I have a ton of spare DVDs, I thought I'd make a "Best of ICW" DVD, containig, of course, the best ICWs.
  • ICW: Collector's DVD [DVD] - I though I'd make another one containg EVERY ICW ever made! Several Copies shall be made, however there's a slim chance they might not be sold, just given to friends and family, but who cares, no one will ever know about them because no one ever visits this site. You might be thinking "Why would I want to buy DVD containg a series of something I can watch on Youtube for free?" Well, simply for in the future when you look back on ICW (if you ever do) when it's no longer available on Youtube, heck Youtube might not even be around by then, and you'll have the DVD to watch. Kinda like the Digimon Anime, since it's not on TV anymore, and probably won't be on youtube for much longer, just buy the DVD which lasts longer.
After all that, it might be all over, an era would have ended, if this is so, consider theese final projects as ICWs way of saying goodbye...
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