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Main » 2010 » January » 15 » Upcoming Games/Movies (15/1/10)
Upcoming Games/Movies (15/1/10)
9:52:35 AM
Just thought I'd do this, because I have ALOT of things coming up, just wanted to show you, what I'm currently making:
  • Rossies: Night Of The Livng Ned (Version 2.6) - This is the last update, ok, promise. Anyway, this final version, if you havn't read from the last article, will include lifebars, over 30 Cruncrarian Quotes, a better background (don't worry though, if you prefare the old backgroubnd, there's a key you can press to changed to that background, I might tell you what "key" that is later) and much more, it's gonna make version 1 look like a peice of recycled food!

  • Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back! - FINALLY! A REAL sequal to the Rossies game, other than just another update, this game will include power-ups, differant weapons, a new levels, it will also include "WMV" Cutscenes, and a new save a password systems

    (Screenshots Coming Soon...)

  • ICW: The RPG (Multimedia Fusion 2) - Thought we a actually cancelled it? well... we did, BUT I decided to make it on Multimedia Fusion 2 instead (So you've already read), and this will include a save feature (YAS!), and instead of speech bubbles, you'll get dialog boxes, so FINALLY, you'll have time to read whatever the govan hell they're actually saying...

  • R.C. Rampage 2 - The Sequal to R.C. Rampage (Duh!) it will include more levels and new racing ones too, where basicly, you get the most laps than your opponents before the time runs out

  • ICW: The Movie - That's right, we're finally getting a movie (I hope), with a little help from some of friends doing the voices and the script etc. don't have much info now, but I'll give you anything that comes up

  • ICW Season 2 - Request: Wii Vs. NES -  As Requested By anderson9132, as an "Old vs. New" match, they're not much to say as of yet, and due to the games I'm making + ICW: The movie, this MAY be delayed a bit back

  • Intro Video For Ice Realm Studios - As Request By TeaminGuiders, erm... again, like the video above, it MIGHT be pushed a bit back due to other stuff I'm working on...
So, yeah, that's about it, exited about anything? No? Not one bit? not even a bit of a bit? not even a fraction of a microscopic but of a bit exited? not even- Nevermind, Well, I hope I havn't wasted too much of your time

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