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Main » 2009 » July » 19 » ICW: The RPG Had Now Been Confirmed!
ICW: The RPG Had Now Been Confirmed!
11:49:55 PM
That's Right The What I Hope, Will Be The Most Epic Gamerstorm Title Since The Rossies Game! ICW: The RPG!
Basicly As The Title Suggests, It's an RPG, Before You Say "Well That Sucks!" or "That's Retarded!" Read What I Have To Say:
Basicly, It's Kinda Like Shenmue, You have things to investigate, things to buy, that stuff.
Now due to scratch's space and my overall lazyness, it's gonna be realeased in parts, how many parts I don't know myself, I'll make it up as I go along
So you can play as 5 consoles (you change via clicking your character), The Saturn, PS1, N64, Dreamcast and Gamecube (My Favourate Consoles), and some scenes require a certain console (like nintendo related scence reqquire the N64 or Gamecube, and fighting scenes require Dreamcast etc. (I need to think of a use for the Saturn and PS1)), again like shenmue and the pokemon games, you can talk to people and at times get rewards.
Here're Some Screenshots Of The Game:
(BTW, at the 2nd screenshot, as it says, the background is only temprary, I'm still getting round to designing the final version)
As you might've guessed, they're fighting scenes, but unlike most RPGs, it's not turn-based, no! It's Mortal Kombat Styled!
Here's a Screenshot:
(Life bars will be differant in the final version)
So Yeah, I'm gonna work REALLY hard on this game, y'now,l a good and somewhat popular franchise needs a good game, right?
If I ever build up any hype, I just hope this won't send like rise of the robots (as in hyped up aslot and turned out sh*tty)
But yeah, that's all the info I can give you right now
Attachments: Image 1 · Image 2 · Image 3
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