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Main » 2010 » June » 07
Well, sort of, I've decided to do a review of a game, just to pass the time.
The game is Doctor Who - The Adventure games, which was just released 2 days ago and is available to download for free, you might be thinking "What's the point then?" Well, just for those who want to be careful with their hard-drive space, and this game is a bit of a b*tch to download and install, so this review is going to tell you whether it’s worth the hassle, and plus, it helps with my essay skills, and that'll help in English classes. Also, I hate to toot my own trumpet, but Since I make games myself (and according to other websites, good ones) I'll know what I'm talking about, since I'm learning coding myself, and getting the hang of it.

Just to let you know, not everything you're gonna read is true, so if anything I DO say is false info, feel free to correct me via comment or email. Also, This is my opinion of the game, so don't go bashing me if you disagree.

Also, expect ALOT of typos, and mistakes, some of which not even Word can fix.

Anyway, lemme give you a little brief (sort of) history: Around 10 years ago, BBC had created a game division of their company, named "Gamelabz", and they were more-a-less, sh*t! They did make a couple of good games (The Robot wars games for example), and they have done some impressive stuff (RW:ED GBA being full 3D for example), but they never made anything great, and therefore, didn't last too long and died at around 2004 and since then, BBC have made some AWFUL flash games, especially Doctor Who ones, so when they announced a new 3D doctor who game and saw the clip I was like "Hey, this doesn't look too bad!", and claiming that it's getting the best of British game programmers; although Knowing BBC, by "British" they actually just mean England, and even then, there's Jeff Minter, Matt Dickie, and those guys over at Free Radical, instead, they got Sumo Digital to work on this game. Founded in 2003, Sumo Digital have developed the recent Sega Tennis games (Virtua Tennis 2009 and Sega Superstars Tennis), and the later Fifa Games, so they may not be the best, but they're not bad, so I'll let BBC off this time. So anyway, Since it was free, I decided to give it a try, and surprisngly, it was great!

^^ Why put a screenshot HERE? I dunno, just make this article a bit cooler! ^^

Ok, you so play as: None other, than The Doctor, with Amy being the annoying one by following you around (Remind you of anything?)
The first thing you see if of course: the title screen, it's pretty good, you just see the tardis, and then you see the doctor and Amy come out of it, with pretty good rendered 3D models, I would give you a screenshot of that, but I don't wanna show everything, and plus, it;s better to see for yourself, then you type in your name, and then you see that one episode is available, the other 3 are coming soon.
Anyway, the first, and for now, the only playable, Episode is called: "City of the Daleks", It's Divided into 3 Acts, I've just finished it there, and it was great.

Ok, first comment about this game itself is that the load times are TERRABLE, they take like 2 minutes when you first start an Act/Episode, they're not as bad as the PS3 load times, but it does come pretty close.

The first act is where you travel to 1963 only to find out that the city is in ruins, by, surprise, surprise, the Daleks, and there's only 1 survivor in the planet, her name is Silvia. You have to find her and talk to her. First off, they did an a pretty good recreation of the Doctor who title with the Graphics, I must say! I didn't expect that to be in the game at all, so that's really, nice, my feelings for this game are positive, but the Gameplay may change it all.

By the way, on a side note, the title screen looks as though the TARDIS is flying through Kruncia, Dunno what that Is? Well you could wait for Rossies 2 to come out where all will be revealed Or you could visit the Rossies website right now (link at the site in "Site Friends") and go to their databank, whichever you prefer.

Ok first off, The Controls will be pretty confusing at first, you use the mouse to look around and the Arrow keys to move (OR mouse while 2nd click button held down) and Space is for your inventory, and there's NO way to change it, and since I'm using a laptop and I'm right handed, I found the game a little frustrating, but you DO get used to it, just like any game I suppose.

^^ Here's proof of what I said above ^^

So anyway, you find Silvia, and ask her a few questions:

^^What's the point of it being Multiple choice? You have to ask her ALL the questions anyway.^^

Then the daleks find them and they run, so when the coast was clear, Silvia decides to set a trap, but before she could finish it, the Daleks "Exterminated" her, shame! So with that, They go back in the TARDUS and decide to travel back to before the Daleks travelled back ...and that concludes Act 1.

Ok, I won't spoil anything else, just want to give you more stuff you get to do in the game:
There're a Metal Gear solid style (only not as complex) parts that appear in the game, and it looks kinda like this:

Ok, so basically, the beam things represent their sight range (if that makes sense) and if you're within that area they'll spot you, and if you don't act fast enough, in this case with the daleks: they will exterminate you. I kinda like this feature, even if it could be a bit fustrating
Later in the game, you get to play as Amy, but by this time she keeps flashing due to a time paradox, if you havn't just skiped to here and read the plot above, I think you'll be able to figure it out. when she turns invisible, nothing and no one can see her, other than that, it's the same

As for the cutscenes, according to and episode of "Doctor Who: Confidential" they got the original cast from the TV show to do the voices and they took photos to get the motions and they aren’t too bad, the good thing about them is that the mouths are in sync with what they're saying, the bad thing is that they can be buggy, sometimes it plays a random section of a random speech clip until it loads the proper one, same goes for the camera angles, other than that though, they're pretty well done.

^^ Ah! This is an example of bad timing people, It was supposed to be a capture of the doctor's face where I noticed the whole mouth-in-sync thing, but the end result was this. Which will do I suppose ^^

You also get to play mini-games during the game, this is the downside of the game, as they're pretty simple, and most of the time not much fun, they're not much better than the flash games you get on the website, they're alot more fustrating, I can tell ya that

^^Here you have to get the icons into the circles, but even if you have 2 of them in and mess up with the last one you have to start ALL over again >.<^^
Another thing worth mentioning is that you can collect doctor who cards, you can collect cards based on previous doctors, enemies, companions, friends and jellybabies? And Sometimes you can get some facts based on Doctor Who history and history in general, both of these are pretty intresting.

So in conclusion, this is Well worth your download and installation time, and me personally, am pretty exited for other 3 episodes to come out! A Score? Fine.

Graphics: 60% - They're ok, but ithey're quite a few glitches, for example, if you look at amy by seeing through the doctor, her hair dissapears.
Gameplay: 80% - Really good, although the mini-games take it down a bit.
Sound: 90% - Not much to comment on to be honest, but it's got the original voice actors from the show, so it's all good
Presentation:  80% - It has a good presentat ... Read more »
Category: Other Series | Views: 461 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 07 June 2010 | Comments (0)

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