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Main » 2011 » April » 07

It doesn't please me in the slightest to announce that Rossies Classic, the supposed tie-in release with Rossies 2, has been cancelled, there are various reasons why I decided to do this

  1. The project never really took off, I was too busy working on Rossies 2 that I forgot about Rossies Classic.
  2. The project's current state is buggy and glitchy beyond fixing, I'm getting countless bugs when I'm debugging the game, The funny thing about this is, is that it's using pretty much the exact same code as Rossies 2, I even Copy and pasted it to make sure to make sure I'm not missing anything out, and it came up with the same errors.
  3. Speaking of, the gameplay was far to similar to Rossies 2, in fact, it was the exact same game, except with much less stuff, I couldn't release it and make people pay for it, people would think of us as nothing but cheapskates who would do anything to get money.
  4. I'm already behind schedule with the release of Rossies 2, and working on Rossies Classic as well as Rossies 2 won't exactly speed up progress.

However to make up for this, I will put ll the content and options, etc. In Rossies 2, and they'll be accessible once you complete the game. The Rossies Classic site will also stay up, just to give newcomers a general idea of what it was going to be.

So yeah, sorry about this. Ah well, I don't even think you guys were even aware of Rossies Classic, let alone fell upset that it's cancelled.

Category: Other Series | Views: 538 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 06 April 2011 | Comments (0)

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