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Our Good Friends At EKF Are Doing a Backyard Wrestling Show/Tournement Called Extreme Kilbride Wrestling, and They'll be doing a 4-way tournament Soon, it's due out next week, and after seeing how good these type of series can be after seeing UBW, SWA and RWL, This one Atta' be great, Especially since I'm REALLY obsessed with wrestling/judo* (That BTW, excludes the modern wrestling shows/brands/etc. (e.g. WWE Smackdown, Raw and ECW, TNA Impact, ROH HD Net etc.)) So, I'm looking forward to this...
Unortunetly though, I don't have much info on it, but hopefully, I'll find out more about it soon...
Here's Their Logo:
* = Well, Judo Is ALOT like wrestling, it seams like wrestling was inspired off judo, because, belive me, it's quite similar, although it's not scripted, and you don't use weapons etc. (well duh, it's a f*cking martial art!)
Attachments: Image 1
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 992 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 13 June 2009 | Comments (0)

now when I said that Sonic Planet hated us again, I turned out to be wrong, the reason why they removed the rossies 3D game was because they thought it's defend their visitors... fair enough, it's a game where it offends people without it meaning to, now, for all visiting the site, you MAY get offended, but keep in mind it is NOT Targeted towards you guys, it's targeted to neds, y'now the ones who kill, steal for their hobbies and at night, talk (more like shout) though their nose and say crap like "WIT YE LOOKIN AT YA WEE BAWBAG!" and "GONNAE SHAG THE GRASS YA WEE F*CKIN DICK!", I'm Sure everyone hates those type of people, and those are the type of people it's targeting, it's kinda like getting your revenge, or maybe have it as aload of clones of a cerain bully your a victum of and the origonal one being the final boss and just keep shooting (there, it can be used as an anger management!), so yeah, it's a game, about shooting neds, ok? Now if you want me to make a version that's differant, same engine, but all the ned related stuff dubbed off, just contact me in anyway, gimme some alternatives, deal? ok, now I hope they still have the game in their foldier, I'll speak with them.
ok, now with all that out the way, I'm here to tell you's that the "betrail" was all just a misunderataning, I already said why (see that giant peice of text above), but the good news is erlier today, we formed back together, so us and the Sonic Planet Games Group, are friends again (yay!) and hopefuly, I can tell them to put it back on, if they refuse, then ok, I'm gonna dig up the my unfinished Rossies 3D, and continue with that.
ok, that's that.
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 723 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 30 April 2009 | Comments (0)

After Quite a bit of hastle, we finally got the Rossies 3D development blog up and running!
Just In Case You Didn't Know, Us and SPGG Joined Up To Create The Rossies 3D Game, And BTW The Rossies 3D Blog is now up on the site plus it has a button on the main page.
Plus on the welcome post tells you about some more info about the whole Rossies lisence thing and a little thing about development news, just so you know, so go over to sonic planet and check it out, or just click the link right here:
And Here's The Logo For The Game:
Don't Worry, The Origonal Logo Will Appear In The Game, Trust Me ;)
Attachments: Image 1
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 752 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 16 March 2009 | Comments (0)

Ok, so I'm gonna make this short because last time I tried this, a certain WEB HOST SERVER, couldn't be botherd to do crap to (help) load anything therefore forcing me to exit without saving it and got me extremly p*ssed as govan hell if not worse. >.< Anyway, our awesome friends at EKF are making a big Project, with all their efforts, called "Jason Small's Nightmare", and they want people to help the project build popularity and, hype, if you like, so since we're great firend with them, and that we have f*ck all else to do/post here, We're gonna give as much help and support as we can whenever possible. So Here's the vid explaning stuff about it:
Expected to be realeased by Wednesday 15th April
And Here's The New EKF Website:
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 811 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 14 March 2009 | Comments (0)

We've Teamed Up With Sonic Planet Game Group To Help Develop The Rossies 3D Game (Think I Forgot All About That?) Now That Game Maker 7 Makes 3D Games, They Can Make It For Us, All We Would Need To Do Is Send The Sprites, Music, Sound Clips, GS Presents Video etc. I tried a demo of the engine, it looks pretty damn awesome. all flaws they said can be easily fixed. *sigh* I feel like an old 90s developr developing an old PS1 game, I dunno why, but that's how I feel.
Here's Sonic Planet Game Groups Website:
Edit: Here's Their Intro For Their Videos/Games:
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 924 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 04 March 2009 | Comments (0)

YAS!! Sonic Planet is gonna return with a lot More Features. And A New Address. (Hopefully). More Info Soon.
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 821 | Added by: Speedy | Date: 03 June 2008 | Comments (1)

Unfortunately, Sonic Planet has an server problem. This means the site is unavailable. I can't access the site. So I don't know if everything's still there. Check up Gamerstorm for the latest news on the Sonic Planet Crisis.
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 809 | Added by: Speedy | Date: 03 June 2008 | Comments (0)

Hey Guys. Just to give you a heads up that Its fully opened. Please Register.

Thats All.


Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 797 | Added by: Speedy | Date: 24 May 2008 | Comments (0)

Good News, Gamerstorm are Finally got start making PC Video Games, we're gonna first Start Off with an ICW BETA Game for PC, we've Teamed Up with Zybernet* to Make these Games We're Gonna Help at Eachothers Games (Such as Puplishing Eachothers Games etc.) and after ICW, we'e gonna make AWF, Combatstorm, Gamet and a few others.
Of Course We're Still Gonna Make ICW the Movie, and I'll still do Robostorms and ICWs etc.

* Zybernet Enternatinment is a SpeedTHedgehog Version of Gamerstorm, he was gonna make a site, but since he saw Gamerstorm, he cancelled it, but since me and Speedy had a chat, He's calling it on Again, so it's basicly a Fan Company, Just like Gamerstorm
EDIT: They Have a Site, But It's Still in Production:

^^ Zybernet Logo ^^
Zybernet Started in March 2005, that's Over a year before Gamerstorm (September 2006)


Attachments: Image 1
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 789 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 14 May 2008 | Comments (0)

The Fanclub Network was attacked by Hackers and deleted the sites. A Warning was sent out to all members of GS. FC will be moved from Ucoz to a new host. Until then, all FC Ressurection Updates will be at
Category: Site Affiliates | Views: 827 | Added by: SpeedTHedgehog | Date: 31 January 2008 | Comments (0)

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