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Main » 2008 » May » 21 » Mario Kart Wii Review
Mario Kart Wii Review
9:20:15 PM
Mario Kart is the newest game of the Mario Kart Series where you can race to the finish while beating the crap outta each other.
Mario kart has a good Selection of karts and some new characters Like Dry Bowser, Funky Kong and Rosalina and more!
There are also brand new courses like Wario's Gold Mines, Dry Dry Ruins and more.
There is also a Wii Wheel you can use as the controller.
When first playing the game there are options like Online (will go through later), Single Player and Multiplayer.
There are two modes from the previous games called "Battle mode" Were you kick the crap outta each other until the balloons are down.
And for something you never get wiped off the battle game (instead you lose a point when you die.)
Coin mode makes a return and you must get the most coins to win.
The modes have now changed so you always are on a team and there is a time limit which destroys the Free-for-all aspect of the modes.
Also now 12 racers can join the fun to!!!

There are three new items in the game:

Thundercloud (One of those pass the bomb items if you know what i mean!)
Mega Mushroom (Makes you BIG and crush your enemies)

Now at single player There is a GP (Grand Prix) Were you can try top beat the CPU for a medal (and even a star ranking if you do well)
You start at 50cc mode and play your way through until you unlock 100cc mode, 150cc mode and Mirror mode.

In time trial you can actually unlock karts and characters now.
You can unlock Expert Staff Ghosts by going 7 secs of the staffs records.
And the more you unlock the ESG. the more stuff you can get.

Now lets look at the good points of this game.

The game is fun and good for multiplayer.
The Wii Wheel is kinda responsive and it is quite good actually.
The unlockables are quite decent and the karts have different stats (which is obvious) and your choice to pick your kart.
Another good thing is the removal of the controversial technique called "SNAKING!!" which has annoyed casual online players in the previous games.

The gameplay is great (AGAIN!!) and the wii Wheel is easy to pick up.
The Online play has features like Ghost races, Racing against each other 9OBVIOUS) and the inclusion of Battle and Coin Mode online.
The game has a ranking system whihch shows how good you are at the game!!

now the bad points (which this game unfortunatly has).

When you get to 150cc and Mirror. The AI get horrendously cheap.
Getting fast when they fall behind and Getting a higher chance of getting better items (BLUE SHELL EXTRAVAGANZA!!)
And also apart from the AI and all that..

Nintendo have been known to give a helping hand for those who are falling behind.
If they are falling behind rank wise they get WAY higher chances than a person whos ranking is higher.
Giving the person with the higher Ranking a unfair chance.
Not to mentioned people can get Comboed making it really frustrating (One example is when i played online. I got hit by a bob-bomb, a red shell, then got hit by a star and i got sent to 12th place.)
And because of all that is game can get luck based.
Also getting a three star ranking is DOWNRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE thanks to the rubberband AI.
Also one on ones can get one sided quickly because of the fact that these stages are pretty much designed for 12 racers

Overall i give this game a 5.5/10

Sure this game is fun and all but this game can get really annoying and the AI put off a LOT of the fun.
Not to mention the Item chances are stupid as hell it aint even funny!! (Blue shell, red shelled then bullet billed anyone?)
Giving you an unfair loss.
So yeah the game was not really that great!


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