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Main » 2009 » April » 28 » Top 12: Wrestling Games
Top 12: Wrestling Games
1:03:27 PM
In Addition to my new Top 10/12 Series, I was off school today, because I was ill, so I wanted to do something to keep me ocupied, so I made this list, my top 12 Wrestling Games, Why 12? Because I like go one more step beyond the Nostalgia Critic.
If This Video Get's Muted/Removed Due To "Copyright", Here's The Dailymotion Version:
Reasons For Choice:
  • #12 - This is the only version of the game I enjoyed, I found the others to be tourture.
  • #11 - Although this is a text based game (No graphics at all I'm afraid), you get to create your own wrestling show, you choose the matches for it and decides who wins and how he wins it, you can decide what will happen after the match, you can also put in interviews and angle, when you create the wrestlers, you can put in the details e.g. choose if he's a maineventer or a jobber and make him a face or a heel, choose his gimmick etc and speacking of characters, you can make 5000 in this game, and even for a text based game, that's f*cking crazy!
  • #10 - ok, The first few minutes of playing this game, it's kinda dull, bland and boring, but when you're at level 8 or 9, it starts to pick up and become more fun, almost every pin is so close then and same with them to you, you just dunno how it's gonna end, and it get's so tense, at least with me anyway.
  • #9 - A very underated game, think of it as more of an expansion pack for #8, although I don't enjoy it as much as that, I still enoyed this one.
  • #8 - Basicly the same game descriptions for the last one fit here but there's just something that makes this game more enjoyable, but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is...
  • #7 - It's fast, fun, easy to pick up and play kinda game, tones of modes and a story mode, although repetitive, lasts a very long time...
  • #6 - It's one of those games I can't explain how exactly it's fun, it just is, ok?
  • #5 - When I firse play this game, I ws blown away, it just ran so fast (compared to later games in the series, which I played before) with simple classic "Origonal Smackdown" controls, it has a good storymode, which story is pretty indepth, and also fun to use it's cutscenes as youtube poops (as I've done before, as we all know), and an excelent create-a-wrestler system, I pretty much filled all the space making most of my GCW Wrestlers, (Dunno what GCW is? Well, it's a CAW show I'll eventually make one day...)
  • #4 - It's, again, fast, fun, easy to play, and rediculous (spelling), and VERY addicting, you don't even have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this, in fact, this was the game that got me so obbsessed with wrestling.
  • #3 - Do I really Need To Say It?
  • #2 - ok, I'm cheating, A BIT, you baicly throw yourself off buildings to get put through tables, but the storyline is about getting into "federation-online" which is the creators made up wrestling show for his games, so basicly it's a dardevel stunt challenge gameplay, but I can assume it's also a wrestling game due to the many refrences.
  • #1 - once you've gona past all the errors that'll occor, you'll have lotsa fun with this game, this is the best wrestling game I've EVER played, and not for the Create-A-Wrestler system, not for the story mode, and obviously not for the graphics, but the gameplay, I've never played a wrestling game that plays so well and is so much fun!

    So there you have it, remember, IT'S MY OPINION!


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