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Main » 2012 » February » 4 » Keno the Cat Chronicles - Issue 2 - Page 7 is out!
Keno the Cat Chronicles - Issue 2 - Page 7 is out!
3:52:50 PM

Here's Page 7 of my comic out, and it will be my last for a while.

If you missed my last post, I've had a change of plan, I originally intended to finish all the comics before working on the game, however, I didn't know it would take me so long to do them, so I've decided to stop doing the comics, and go straight to developing the game, and then finish off the comics once I'm done, to make up for this delay, I will be doing a third issue, which will cover the first scene of the game.

I'm looking for someone to do the sprites and 3D models for the game, because knowing my lack of skills in the graphics department of development, it would take me half the year to do those alone, so if someone is willing to do those, it would be much appreciated, however, no one has to, I could do them myself, but again, it would take me ages to do them.

I'm hoping to get the game out by late 2012, or at the latest, early 2013, so I'm going to have to actually top laying around, being a lazy sh*te, and actually get to work.

Here's the comic:

As she was going out, Lilee saw Arc Dawting’s son, Keno leaning against a wall in the hall, Keno was 5 years old, he was pretty tall for his age. He has gray fur, Long ears and big eyes, he wore a plain white shirt and camouflage trousers. Lilee ran over to him, 
'Hey….' She said, 
Keno looked up, '...Hey...' he said, you could see where his tear streaks were, because of the wet fur, 
'Sorry to hear about your dad…' Lilee said, 
'...thanks...' Keno said in a depressed tone of voice, then another tear escaped his eye. 
'Well… bye.' 
Then Lilee walked out of the building...

To catch up on the comic series (That is if you actually want to), go to the Keno the Cat Official website, link to it are located at the home page or the "Our Games" page, and then click on "Story".

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