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7. Kittyscratch
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Gamerstorm is an independant games company who loves to stand out of the crowd with the most akward yet incredibly fun games!

Site Staff


Also Known As: Cobradabest, Cobra_3000
Site Role: CEO
Website: Gamerstorm
Steam ID: Cobradabest
Youtube Channel: Cobradabest
DeviantART Account: Cobradabest


Also Known As: N/A
Site Role: Administrator
Website: none
Steam ID: Stevemca
Youtube Channel: Stevenmca1
DeviantART Account: none


We've certainly come a long way, so let me let you in a little history of the company:

Before the Beginning

Back in 2002, although Gamerstorm was non-existent, (although, I wish it was) a few of my old "franchises" featured old characters which make todays Gamerstorm franchises, I would list them, but those 'Todays's' franchises havn't been published yet, so it'd seam like jibberish to you.

The Beginning

Gamerstorm was founded on the 21st September 2006, at around 8:15pm, as a gaming forum using CoolBB, and a very unsucessful one at that, named "Megabytes", the forum went on for a year of so, it was nothing more than a generic gaming forum, so it was never destined to be big. I've added a flash games arcade later in it's life, very few games were on it, even fewer were actually made by Gamerstorm, (Yeah, back then, we made games, but using Sploder, do they really cound? I would say so yeah), the first game "Megabytes War" was released on the 19th May 2007. It was only a minor success though, it was basically nothing more than a generic flash games arcade with much less games than that of Miniclip.
I moved to, but that forum did even worse than the CoolBB one.

if you want to see the CoolBB websites, Click Here and Here!

Nowadays, Gamerstorm use for their forum, funnily enough though, it's doing even worse than the previous freeforums site, that's saying something!

The RCW Saga

In late 2006, in an AIM chat with me and Stevemca, we were messing about with some pretend wrestling game we were playing, origonally smilies wresling, then eventually, it evolved into console wrestling, I thought that it would make an awesome franchise, I would've thought someone had already created it, so I looked it up on Youtube, and surprisingly, I found nothing, so I thought this would be a perfect oppertunity to make a series myself, so I downloaded some console renders got on GIMP, and started working, the next day, on the 21st April 2007, Gamerstorm's biggest franchise, 'Region-Free Console Wrestling', although at the time it was called 'Console World Wrestling Entertinment', I've uploaded the first of many videos, production was alot faster back then, so only a day later, on the 22nd April, I uploaded episode 2, then on the 23rd, I've uploaded the origonal episode 3, but that many bugs in it when processed, so I went and redone that, but for some reason, I never published it, and it got lost forever, never to be found. After that, my laptop broke, so I took a long break, during that time, me and my cousins had a matting about a name change for the franchise, eventually, it was agreed that would be changed to 'RCW' which stands for 'International Console Wrestling', then on my birthday, I got a new laptop, immediatley started work on the episode 3 we all know today, I was putting all of my effort into this one, I showed my cousin it, and he thought it was amazing. I've uploaded 2 more epiosde after that, but they were, if I say so myself, total crap, I outdid myself one again in the 6th episode to make up for it, then I made a Live action in late 2007, with a contest called 'RCW Live Action Annihilation' which had a good few entries. an RCW website was also made when we moved to UCoZ, which can be seen Here!

RCW is the only Gamerstorm franchise to have actually had merchandise, it was featured in a calender, a few T-Shirts and even a mug as made, not many were made though.

RCW at one point had a rival called 'ECG' which stand for 'Extreme Console Gangstars', a (Sh*tty) video was made of it and everything. Eventually, RCW came out on top, and ECG was given to us, it's kind of like the WWF buying WCW in 2001, only differance, is that it was given to us, we never bought it off them. Perhaps though, the series may one day make a return, who knows?

On the 14th November 2010, for copyright reasons, ICW had changed it‘s name to RCW or ‘Region-Free Console Wrestling‘.

The move to Freewebs then to UCoZ

In early 2008, Gamerstorm moved to freewebs which did slightly better than the CoolBB website, but was still a failure, it was nothing special, so there isn't a whole lot to say. Then on the 20th September 2008, I moved to UCoZ in time for Gamerstorms 2nd birthday, and it was it's best birthday yet! The UCoz site was by far to most poulr website yet, with a gaming forum and a games arcade. My entire school was talking about it, even my little brothers joined the site on their own will, without me asking them to, that's gotta tell you something! Unfortunetly, it's popularity was short lived, and Gamerstorm were failures once again. We've had the Ucoz website for 3 years now, and despite the fallen popularity, it's the most popular Gamerstorm website yet.

Gamerstorm (Finally) Starts making games

All throughout 2007 and 2008, Gamerstorm have tried to join forces with many small gaming companies such as Zybernet to make games, but all attempts have failed.

On October 2008, Gamerstorm have announced a games based on the Rossies website, on the 30th October 2008, the games was released on Scratch, and with great critical and commercial success, unfortunetly, it got banned in some schools due to it's "Offensive Content". After that I've mae a few games which impressed the fans also. A couple of RCW games were planned, the first of which was an RPG, a demo for it was released, and it got great reactions, then part 1 was released on October 2008, but due to password problems, the rest oif the game was cancelled. The next of which was an extended version of the fighting section of the RPG, that also got cancelled, due a broken demo. (The collision detection was non-existant)

Since April 2010, Cobra! has studied C#, so now he's making games for Xbox 360(Maybe) and PC, the first game to be released in this format is the sequal to the origonal Rossies game, 'Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back', which will also get a Scratch version.

Gamerstorm website goes full HTML, baby!

As of the 13th November 2008, Cobra! has coded a new Gamerstorm website entirely out of HTML and Java. Apart from the forum which uses

    Major Game Releases

  • Megabytes War! - 9th May 2007 (Latest Version)
  • Megabytes War 2! - 18th Febuary 2007
  • Megabytes War! - The Immpossible - 19th Febuary 2007
  • Megabytes War! - The Arena - 15th May 2007
  • Rossies: Night Of The Living Ned - 30th October 2008
  • Armystorm - April 2009
  • R.C. Rampage - May 2009
  • RCW: The RPG - October 2009
  • Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back [PC] - 16th March 2011
  • Rossies 2: Sean Of The Ned [Scratch] - Coming Soon
  • Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back [Xbox 360] - March 2011
  • Rossies Classic [PC] - 16th March 2011
  • Rossies Classic [Xbox 360] - March 2011
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