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Main » 2010 » November » 14

After days of hard, tiring work of HTML coding, I've finally finished the new Gamerstorm website,, well mostly, and if you ask me, it's my best work yet, website-wise (which is probably why you havn't asked me), It's using a style similar to that of site such as the Kombat Pavilion and the origonal Total Mortal Kombat website, I've used 2 Iframes, 1 for the navigation windows, and the other's for the actual content, in other words, there's a navigation bar at the left, and the content is almost as if it's from a differant window, no matter what page you go on that, the Navigation bar will remain. I've always thought that was an awesome style of page, and since I've learnt alot of HTML lately, naturally, I would use it for this site, so I have, and more is to come from this, I'm going to add a forum, a page about the History of Gamerstorm, and I'll make sure I'll get every small detail in!

If you don't like this new layout however, you can easily change back if you like, and I'll never discontinue support for it, any new update I make here will go there as well.

It's still under construction, so alot of the pages will just have 'Coming Soon' on them.

So yeah, tell me what you think of this new layout via the old layout's comments sections, I've still to do one here.

Category: Gamerstorm Updates | Views: 516 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 14 November 2010 | Comments (0)

Me and steven have been talking, and we've decided it's time to change ICW's name once again, as 'ICW' has already been taken by 'International Championship Wrestling', and since WWE's got sued for a similar name before, we didn't want it to happen to us, so from this day on you will know ICW as... 'Region-Free Console Wrestling' or 'RCW' or 'RFCW'. I'm am pretty confident that no one has taken this, because I'm very sure that no real wrestling organisations would put "Region-Free" in their name, and it's more fitting to the series as now that title has more to do with gaming. (you know, the whole region lock thing?)

Don't like the name change, I never though I'd say this, but tough! I'm sorry, but we would have to change the name at some point, because ICW's been taken, this will mean we get a lower chance of getting sued, I hope you guys can understand.
Category: Region-Free Console Wrestling | Views: 677 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 14 November 2010 | Comments (0)

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