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We're back for another review, this time we're taking a look at SegaGt for the Sega Dreamcast, I actually found this review in my documents, I ditched a long time ago, so I decided to dig it up, finish it, and upload it, so here it is:

Sega GT was developed by Sega’s AM1, or "WOW Entertainment” for the Dreamcast back in 2000, it was meant to compete with Gran Turismo 2, but unfortunately didn’t sell as well, so like many other Dreamcast games released in 2000, it got a sequel on the Xbox, and nothing after.

I‘m mainly going to compare this game to Gran Turismo 2, as it‘s very hard NOT to.

While Sega GT may not have as much to offer as Gran Turismo 2, it’s still a VERY solid racing game, in fact I prefer Sega GT, and it’s not just because it’s made by Sega.

The graphics are pretty average for a Dreamcast game, so by default it looks better than Gran Turismo 2, although there isn’t anything else to say.

The Gameplay is very much the same as Gran Turismo 2, the only difference is, R is for accelerating, and L is for the brakes, that’s pretty much it.

Like in Gran Turismo, Sega GT has a licensing system, they are 4 classes, Extra, B, A and SA. Luckily, easier to get than in Gran Turismo 2, just complete a lap under a certain time, that’s it. Although that might be a bit TOO easy, I got all 4 on less than an hour.

Also like Gran Turismo, Sega GT has licensed cars from all the main manufacturers such as Audi, Nissan, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot etc. There isn’t as many cars as there is in Gran Turismo, as you might expect, however, it has this one feature, and this alone would me take this over Gran Turismo any day, the Car Factory, you get to MAKE your own car, how AWESOME is that? Although it’s not as great as you’d think, it’s not like Need For Speed Underground 2 (Great, not I’m bringing NFSU2 into this) where you can put vynals and decals on it, or put different lights, hoods, roof scopes, spoilers etc. all you can do in this is choose engine parts in it, and colour your car a small selection of colours, but it‘s still alright, I mean, considering it’s meant to be about to actual racing, it’s not that bad, I mean you can at least actually NAME your car. Perhaps one day, they can remake it or make a sequel, and vastly expand on this feature.

At first, you can only make Extra class cars, to make anything bigger, you need to obtain Factory licences, yes, this game has 2 licences, this one’s a little more traditional though, there are 5 tests, same rules as the racing licence, beat the given time, and you pass the test, but you have to do it with the car you’ve built. Although you can cheat by tuning your car, making it lighter, etc., in fact, it effects the actual racing as well, I built a B class car, and in an open race with mostly A and/or SA car, I can lap them all with it.

Speaking of open races, let’s talk about the actual racing, you can choose to play in class specific tournaments and open races, open races is where any car from any class can compete, hence the name, win the open races and the host of that race will become your sponsor, for example, there’s a McDonalds open race, once you win that, McDonalds will be your sponsor, so every race you win after that, you get a fraction more from your sponsor, and you can get multiple sponsors, so it’s best to play a alot of open races first, just to get the sponsors. I’m not sure of the limit , but I have 4 sponsors, when I win a tournament, and I get, say, 10,000 Credits, and then I get 500 more from each sponsor, so in total, that’s 12,500 credits, and if you won first place every race, that’s another 100 odd credits for each race, you also get a chain bonus for it, let’s not forget the bonus for placing first in the qualifiers, in other words, keep coming first, and you’ll get ALOT!

The game’s compatible with the rumble pack, but whatever you do, don’t set it to "Engine", because all as great the rumble pack is, it's oretty noisy, and when it's set to engine, it constantly vibrates, so all you'll hear in a race is the rumble pack, unless you put the TV up full blast, this is minor, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

The music and sound effects are nothing special, there aren’t any particular tracks I remember and constantly request on RadioSEGA, even if there was, RadioSEGA doesn’t have any Sega GT tracks anyway, so that sucks.

Graphics: 4/5 - They look better than Gran Turismo 2 but for a Dreamcast game, it’s nothing special.
Gameplay: 4/5 - It’s not as good as Gran Turismo, but it’s still great.
Sound: 3/5 - Nothing Special.
Replay Value: 4/5 - I keep coming back to it mainly for the Car Factory.
Overall: 3.75/5 - Overall, it’s a decent game, not good enough for some to compete with the Gran Turismo series, but it’s a great game on it’s own, and personally prefer this just for the Car Factory, but that’s just me.
Category: Other Series | Views: 498 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 12 December 2010 | Comments (0)

Want to know why the website's been down for the past few days? Of course you're don't, you never visit it! Well, I've been doing some work on the Rossies 2 and Classic websites, and put the navigation buttons on the side rather than the top, that was actually my initial design, but since at the time I made the websites, I didn't have the knowledge to do so, but now I do, so check the websites out, I've also added more info and screenshots for the upcoming games, so check them out, speaking of...
Rossies 2 Development Blog #4 is now up on the Rossies 2 Official website, and trust me, I kind of went overkill on this one, this blog is like 5-10 times as long as the last blogs, but it's been a while since I made one, so I had alot of catching up to do, in the blog, I duscuss the Rossi comrade partner, and this one awesome feature, which will seperate our game from all the other generic gallery shooters, I've also added 5 new screenshots for the game, so if you want to read it, click here!
Category: Other Series | Views: 490 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 07 November 2010 | Comments (0)

The official website for the game "Rossies Classic" has offically opened today, if you want to check out the site, click on the link above, or click here!
Category: Other Series | Views: 577 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 24 October 2010 | Comments (0)

I have officially announced Rossies Classic, as a tie in release with Rossies 2, it's a remake of the original game but with some improvments, the reason I'm doing this is because I don't want PC and Xbox 360 players to be confused that there's a Rossies 2, but not a Rossies 1. Rossies Classic will fill in that gap for them. Improvments will include:
  • Bigger Resolution
  • Improved Controls
  • Tidyed up storyline
  • More Quotes
  • And hopefully, less lag!
If you don't want these new features, however, and want to experience the game in it's origonal form, it'll be optional, so you can turn them off! If you've played the origonal, had more than enough of it, and don't wanna see the title again, tough! This isn't for you, it's for those who HAVN'T played it.

Category: Other Series | Views: 517 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 18 October 2010 | Comments (0)

Today is the offical opening of the offfical website of "Rossies 2: Emporer Yunki Strikes Back" and "Rossies 2: Sean Of The Ned"! Made purely in HTML, I didn't pay anyone to make it or used any site like Freewebs or UcoZ (ok, I used UcoZ to host this site, but that's a differant story.), I coded the entire site, which would explain the quality...

Anyway, ever since I've been taking Web Design in School, I've always wanted to make offical website for my upcoming games, and within a short period of time, here we are, so far I've only done Rossies 2, but other games will get this treatmeant (see "Other games" at the bottom of the page), so look out for them as well!

Click Here to visit the site!

Any furture Rossies 2 updates (Except REALLY major ones) will only be posted there, so visit regularly to see if there's any news about Rossies 2.

Category: Other Series | Views: 508 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 26 September 2010 | Comments (0)

We're back for another Gamerstorm development vlog, the only development blog, that's full of so much fail, you can't stand to read it!

Anyway, I'm making good progress, I got enemies on the screen, and finally mastered animation and collision detection, I've added enemies, and the slime for when they die (well, sort of), I've build an alpha version (Version and put it on a CD, and I've tried installing it on my mum's laptop, and it works. Still no sound effects though.
So, as I go along, I have a few more stuff I can confirm will me in the game:
  • You will have multible weapons in the game, you'll start off with a baby gun, but ocasionally your partner will throw you weapons, and then eventually, you'll be mementarily increasing the kruncanite death rate with a minigun! (excuse the bad pun)
  • Speaking of, the Kruncanites will have a lifebar, this won't effect much though, the only differance is that it takes 2 hits to kill a kruncanite with a babygun, it takes one with a shotgun, and you can kill multiple at once with a machine/minigun.
  • There will be a practice/tutorial mode, not very nessesary, but I thought I might as well add it, for those who don't know how to play.
So, without further adeu, here're some screenshots:

Still doesn't look differant too differant from the origonal, but these sprites for now are only for testing, even the sprite sheets say that themselves.

That's really all I have to say for now, I expected those development blogs to be longerr, oh well.

Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2
Category: Other Series | Views: 504 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 26 July 2010 | Comments (0)

Hi guys, I thought it'd make a Development Blog for my upcoming games, this will be a new article series. Hey, it keeps me updating the site, right? Now I only there's someone who actually reads these...

Anyway, I'm having a some problems with the coding, as I can't get the Kruncanites to show/draw, usually at this point I'd give up, but I'm not, I'm surprised by that as well, anyway, I'm looking into that problem, but everything else is working fine, and this game has a new convienient feature that the origonal didn't, it actually PAUSES! That's right, I managed to get the game to pause properly, so that's an improvement. I could never do that on Scratch, well maybe I could, I'll try for the Scratch version of Rossies 2, but let's not get off topic.

As for other changes/additions/improvements to the origonal:
  • It will have a menu screen with more game modes
  • It will features custom made sprites and music, I'm gonna make sure everything custom built, I don't wanna infringe any copyright, it's gonna be on Steam (Hopefully) and Xbox Live Arcade, and I'm gonna be making money from this, I could actually get sued by using 3rd party content, so I better be careful about what I add.
  • It will have a higher resolution: Rossies 1 had a 480 x 360 resolution, Rossies 2 will have a 1280 x 720 resolution, huge improvement, isn't it?
  • More overall content, Scratch only allows up to 10mb, XNA allows up to 150mb, not to mention the games take up less space, this game gives a great example of this, The Scratch version of Rossies 2 so far is 6.54mb, the PC/Xbox 360/Zune version of Rossies 2 as it is right now is only 5.45kb, I'm not joking!
So far I only have the Gun on the screen and the background, even then, the Gun doesn't animate perfectly, but since tha game's only on ALPHA stage, it'll do for now. Here's a Screenshot:

Looking alright, isn't it? Sure, it's not using those "custom made" images I mentioned earlier, but I'll make/add those later, for now, I'm focusing on the gameplay, no point doing otherwise, I would bore you to death explaining how, but it's best that I leave it.

Also, I've made a new logo for the game, I've basicly grabbed the Rossies logo, and added a 2, not much, but I thought I'd show you it anyway:

One last thing, this is a little off topic but, I'm applying for a "Build your own PC" course at Metropolitan college, that'd help me chase my dream of creating a games console, and maybe I can develop for it as well. Of course I need to learn how to makes games without the XNA framework first, but I'm not going that far that quickly.

So, that's it for todays blog, cya next time!

Attachments: Image 1 ·Image 2
Category: Other Series | Views: 515 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 08 July 2010 | Comments (2)

Ok, after seeing a couple of games using the same concept, I decided that the whole Sketchskratch idea isn't very origonal anymore, and for a Gamerstorm series, like ICW, being pretty origonal and Unique, that's Unacceptable! So I'm deciding on name changes and give him differant powers, I guess you could call this a "Reboot" so far the best I can come up with is Sketchs name changing to "Neko" (It's japanese for "Cat") but it's slitghtly hard to pronounce, and easily forgetful, so not a very good idea, however since I can't think of anything else, that'll be it's "codename". If you guys have any suggestions, comment on the article or email me, if it;s good enough, I'll use it and credit you on every game I make in the series.

Moving on, Rossies 2 might soon become available on 3 other platforms, Xbox Live Arcade, Zune and Windows Phone 7.

  • First off, the Xbox 360 version, It's gonna be exactly the same as the PC version, only with a bigger resolution, nothing too exiting.
  • Second, the Zune Player, Again, hopefully the same thing, but I can't guarentee it'll be as good, simply because the Zune player wasn't released over here (What have the Americans got agenst us?) "Well why are you developing for it then?" you may be asking, well, it's simply because I can, I like to develop on other platforms and expand to other audiences.
  • Lastly, Windows Phone 7, It's kinda the same here, only that I don't know if it was or is going to be released here.

So, that's 5 platforms now! Let's hope this turns out well...

Category: Other Series | Views: 532 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 09 June 2010 | Comments (0)

Well, sort of, I've decided to do a review of a game, just to pass the time.
The game is Doctor Who - The Adventure games, which was just released 2 days ago and is available to download for free, you might be thinking "What's the point then?" Well, just for those who want to be careful with their hard-drive space, and this game is a bit of a b*tch to download and install, so this review is going to tell you whether it’s worth the hassle, and plus, it helps with my essay skills, and that'll help in English classes. Also, I hate to toot my own trumpet, but Since I make games myself (and according to other websites, good ones) I'll know what I'm talking about, since I'm learning coding myself, and getting the hang of it.

Just to let you know, not everything you're gonna read is true, so if anything I DO say is false info, feel free to correct me via comment or email. Also, This is my opinion of the game, so don't go bashing me if you disagree.

Also, expect ALOT of typos, and mistakes, some of which not even Word can fix.

Anyway, lemme give you a little brief (sort of) history: Around 10 years ago, BBC had created a game division of their company, named "Gamelabz", and they were more-a-less, sh*t! They did make a couple of good games (The Robot wars games for example), and they have done some impressive stuff (RW:ED GBA being full 3D for example), but they never made anything great, and therefore, didn't last too long and died at around 2004 and since then, BBC have made some AWFUL flash games, especially Doctor Who ones, so when they announced a new 3D doctor who game and saw the clip I was like "Hey, this doesn't look too bad!", and claiming that it's getting the best of British game programmers; although Knowing BBC, by "British" they actually just mean England, and even then, there's Jeff Minter, Matt Dickie, and those guys over at Free Radical, instead, they got Sumo Digital to work on this game. Founded in 2003, Sumo Digital have developed the recent Sega Tennis games (Virtua Tennis 2009 and Sega Superstars Tennis), and the later Fifa Games, so they may not be the best, but they're not bad, so I'll let BBC off this time. So anyway, Since it was free, I decided to give it a try, and surprisngly, it was great!

^^ Why put a screenshot HERE? I dunno, just make this article a bit cooler! ^^

Ok, you so play as: None other, than The Doctor, with Amy being the annoying one by following you around (Remind you of anything?)
The first thing you see if of course: the title screen, it's pretty good, you just see the tardis, and then you see the doctor and Amy come out of it, with pretty good rendered 3D models, I would give you a screenshot of that, but I don't wanna show everything, and plus, it;s better to see for yourself, then you type in your name, and then you see that one episode is available, the other 3 are coming soon.
Anyway, the first, and for now, the only playable, Episode is called: "City of the Daleks", It's Divided into 3 Acts, I've just finished it there, and it was great.

Ok, first comment about this game itself is that the load times are TERRABLE, they take like 2 minutes when you first start an Act/Episode, they're not as bad as the PS3 load times, but it does come pretty close.

The first act is where you travel to 1963 only to find out that the city is in ruins, by, surprise, surprise, the Daleks, and there's only 1 survivor in the planet, her name is Silvia. You have to find her and talk to her. First off, they did an a pretty good recreation of the Doctor who title with the Graphics, I must say! I didn't expect that to be in the game at all, so that's really, nice, my feelings for this game are positive, but the Gameplay may change it all.

By the way, on a side note, the title screen looks as though the TARDIS is flying through Kruncia, Dunno what that Is? Well you could wait for Rossies 2 to come out where all will be revealed Or you could visit the Rossies website right now (link at the site in "Site Friends") and go to their databank, whichever you prefer.

Ok first off, The Controls will be pretty confusing at first, you use the mouse to look around and the Arrow keys to move (OR mouse while 2nd click button held down) and Space is for your inventory, and there's NO way to change it, and since I'm using a laptop and I'm right handed, I found the game a little frustrating, but you DO get used to it, just like any game I suppose.

^^ Here's proof of what I said above ^^

So anyway, you find Silvia, and ask her a few questions:

^^What's the point of it being Multiple choice? You have to ask her ALL the questions anyway.^^

Then the daleks find them and they run, so when the coast was clear, Silvia decides to set a trap, but before she could finish it, the Daleks "Exterminated" her, shame! So with that, They go back in the TARDUS and decide to travel back to before the Daleks travelled back ...and that concludes Act 1.

Ok, I won't spoil anything else, just want to give you more stuff you get to do in the game:
There're a Metal Gear solid style (only not as complex) parts that appear in the game, and it looks kinda like this:

Ok, so basically, the beam things represent their sight range (if that makes sense) and if you're within that area they'll spot you, and if you don't act fast enough, in this case with the daleks: they will exterminate you. I kinda like this feature, even if it could be a bit fustrating
Later in the game, you get to play as Amy, but by this time she keeps flashing due to a time paradox, if you havn't just skiped to here and read the plot above, I think you'll be able to figure it out. when she turns invisible, nothing and no one can see her, other than that, it's the same

As for the cutscenes, according to and episode of "Doctor Who: Confidential" they got the original cast from the TV show to do the voices and they took photos to get the motions and they aren’t too bad, the good thing about them is that the mouths are in sync with what they're saying, the bad thing is that they can be buggy, sometimes it plays a random section of a random speech clip until it loads the proper one, same goes for the camera angles, other than that though, they're pretty well done.

^^ Ah! This is an example of bad timing people, It was supposed to be a capture of the doctor's face where I noticed the whole mouth-in-sync thing, but the end result was this. Which will do I suppose ^^

You also get to play mini-games during the game, this is the downside of the game, as they're pretty simple, and most of the time not much fun, they're not much better than the flash games you get on the website, they're alot more fustrating, I can tell ya that

^^Here you have to get the icons into the circles, but even if you have 2 of them in and mess up with the last one you have to start ALL over again >.<^^
Another thing worth mentioning is that you can collect doctor who cards, you can collect cards based on previous doctors, enemies, companions, friends and jellybabies? And Sometimes you can get some facts based on Doctor Who history and history in general, both of these are pretty intresting.

So in conclusion, this is Well worth your download and installation time, and me personally, am pretty exited for other 3 episodes to come out! A Score? Fine.

Graphics: 60% - They're ok, but ithey're quite a few glitches, for example, if you look at amy by seeing through the doctor, her hair dissapears.
Gameplay: 80% - Really good, although the mini-games take it down a bit.
Sound: 90% - Not much to comment on to be honest, but it's got the original voice actors from the show, so it's all good
Presentation:  80% - It has a good presentat ... Read more »
Category: Other Series | Views: 513 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 07 June 2010 | Comments (0)

Whew! Been quite a while since I updated this site, all my almost half a dozen fans must've missed me, don't worry, I havn't forgot about yous!

For the past 7 weeks, I've been doing a part-time C# for beginners Course at college, and since I'm most likely not gonna learn how to run directX on it anytime soon, I've done what Mdickie did when he started out, make some Text-based games, most of them arn't really worth mentioning, but one is worth at least a breif mention, a Sketchskratch RPG, ok, so it's only text based, but it's a small proect to help get me used to the language, and plus, I've always wanted to make a Sketchskratch Game (he deserves it, after having to put up with 2 years with of rough sketches (no pun intended) and short animations) I thought this would be as good time as any to make one.

so yeah, it might be anything exiting (it actually kinda is to me), but it's only a small project, that I might upload here someday...

If you're desprite enough, here's a screenshot:

...and if you must know what other small games I'm working on, I'm making a GS Characters list, Tic tac toe and Snakes and ladders, there!...


edit: this is weird, it says I've posted this on May 26th, when it's actually May 25th (at the time of the post), good old ucoz, they never let us down!
Attachments: Image 1
Category: Other Series | Views: 561 | Added by: Cobra | Date: 25 May 2010 | Comments (0)

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